All About Me!!!!

My favorite place to go

Music I love to hear to

Ruidoso is my favorite place because on one beautiful morning I saw a bear when I was fishing and it was amazing.

When my dad first introduced me to the Beatles I fell in love with the music.

Best Band Ever

Favorite Car a Bentley

My favorite car would be a Bentley because it is a classic and has so many amazing features.

Favorite Color

My favorite color is green because the color green to me is just so bright and happy.

Favorite Food

sooo good

A cheeseburger for me would be my favorite food because it has a combination of so many flavors.

something I really hate

I hate onions and I hate them because the flavor is just to strong.

I put a happy face because I'm always happy and that represents a part of me.

The picture of the dogs represents another piece of me because animals have always been a part of my life.

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