Abrahamic Religions Summary

14th February, 2013

9 Religion - Seymour College

Over the past two lessons we have been exploring the origins and common features of the three Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. This lesson I would like you to consolidate and summarise your understanding of these three faiths. The following tasks will help you do this.

1.  Download the Word document from the link below and open it on your computer:

Abrahamic Religions Table

Try to complete the table in as much detail as possible from memory. When you have filled in everything you can, have a look at the two web sites below for complete details:



2. Using the blank world map I have given you, use three different colours to show where the three Abrahamic religions are practised. You can use the map at the following link to help you but bear in mind that you will include the different Islamic and Christian denominations in your shading.


3. What do you notice about where most Jews are located? You can see a larger image of the state of Israel here:


Write a paragraph explaining why there might be religious tensions in this region.

4. Find out some more information about the Arab-Israeli conflict by visiting the site below:


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