How to Always Win
Rock Paper Scissors

Think rock paper scissors is a random game of chance? That is probably why you are not winning. Here is some psychology to sharpen your game and help you totally dominate.

1st throw:::   Data shows that men often go with the manly rock on the first round. Throw paper and start racking up the points.

2nd throw::: If you just lost, you're most likely to throw what would have one in the previous round. The opponent might foolishly stick with the previously winning hand gesture again. if you won the first round, switch it up. Losers most likely will not stick with their losing gesture. Losers may go in a predictable order: rock, paper, scissors.

3rd::: Usually someone won't throw the same thing three times in a row. So if the opponent threw two rocks throw scissors next because the opponent may throw a paper out of panic (following the sequential order of the game).

Mind Blown::: Close your eyes. The mirror neurons in your brain can cause you to copy your opponent in the split second before the throw. Research shows that blindfolded players win slightly more. Those are some sweet jedi skills.

Now go forth, and demolish your opponents!

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