Herny Hudson

By:Elene Revazishvili 4-407

Famous explorer

Henry was born in 1565 . As he grow up he became a explorer. He sailed on his three boats and discovered a river that is now called the Hudson River . He is famous for his discovery . He did had a hard time discovering the Hudson River but no matter what would happpen he did his best and discovered the most famous river .

Henry Hudson Journey

Henry Hudson went in the northwest passage which is a passage that leads Asia and North America . Henry went on the half moon .he discovered the Hudson river with the half moon and the northwest passage. His journey was hard  the people in his crew told him go come back and go back to to the north passage passage . That was a hard for him he went back a lot of times just for his journey. But at last his hard work made it happen for him to discover the Hudson River.

Henry Hudson fun facts

Henry Hudson was very famous and . He did a lot of things that some people could not do . Some fun facts about Henry Hudson is that , Henry Hudson was first born in 1565 he was born in England . He had different ships called the discovery , and half moon . In September , 1609 he had discovered the Hudson River . Henry Hudson died in 1611 , he died in the Hudson Bay . This are some facts about Henry Hudson .

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