ASPD Campaign


Our prison systems contain a little over 50% of people who have aspd or ant-social personality disorder. This is a common disease among rapists, murderers, and serial killers. Very little can be done for these people other than therapy and some drugs to lower symptoms. ASPD can be caused by brain damage or being born that way. As children they will usually be very introverted and have a certain level of sexual deviance. Common characteristics are arson, killing small animals, flashing, or stalking.


  • Often angry
  • Arrogant
  • Narsasistic
  • Stealing
  • lack of remorse
  • lying for personal gain
  • lying
  • lack of safety concerns
  • manipulating others


We should raise for the cause due to the fact that if we help those with it it will reduce the number of violent murders a year. This could save your family and even you


Treatments for ASPD are not specific to the disease. Some people take anti-anxiety while others go to therapy. All treatments are lithium to lower impulsiveness, therapy to give copping and show them how to read others emotions, anti-anxiety medication,and anti-depressants.


Why these people have this issue is unknown but we think both genetics and environments may play a role. Many specialists theorize it can be caused by child abuse,  parents have ASPD, or grew up around alcoholics.


  1. multiple conduct disorders before age of 15.
  2. Has at least 3 symptoms shown constantly since age of 15.
  3. Shows symptoms when out of schizophrenic or bipolar episodes.

If you know someone who has a yes for all 3 they probably have ASPD

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