Facts of our debt

"National Debt Facts." By James D. Agresti. Just Facts, April 26, 2011. Updated 9/4/14. http://www.justfacts.com/nationaldebt.asp

Concerned for our future debt

We should be concerned about the growth of the debt in the past years. It continues to grow as the years go and will soon be more then it ever was before. Soon we will be paying twice as much for things than what we do now. We are spending more money than what we have. Our money keeps going down the drain. The government keeps spending money that we don't have and they don't see the long-term effects it will have on our nation for generations to come.


Tax Rates

Rising Debt= Higher tax rates in the future. Higher tax rates = lower income.

Trade Deficit

From 2009 to 2011 , the trade deficit has grown by 183 million, and it still continues to grow even more today. We keep spending more money than what we have and keep borrowing it from other countries. A large increase of dollar sales can make the value of our nation's money go down. Which, in return would cost more to import items.

Why does the debt keep rising?

Lower income

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