freedom times

loved one deads by chemical weapons

The first elected president of syria was elected and some people have certain opinions about him.He has used chemical weapons on the ones that do not like him.America are willing to get involved. U.S president Barack Obama has been thinking of giving the president of Syria a consequence.


Fall Dance  3pm - 5pm. Silverado middle school of Napa Valley California are holding a dance called "The fall dance" it will be held in the K hall what is the cafetiria.

Tropical storms hits Mexico

People are stuck at home others might be dead and the rest are being evacuated to safer places by soldiers.Two hit from each side of Mexico.

Napa rebuilding bridge

The city of Napa will use redevelopment funds to replace this pedestrian bridge over Napa Creek near the Opera House, because the northern approach to the bridge is unstable.



To be honest i really miss Las vegas nevada, i know so much people over there that are crazy and fun. Napa is totaly different than Vegas.

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