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Columbia University

Columbia's mascot happens to be the lion.

History and Origin of University

-Founded in 1754 by King Charles ll of England

-Was first names King's College

-First building was a church in New York City (lower Broadway in Manhattan)

-Went through controversy of people thinking they had wrong intentions

-Was suspended in 1776 but reopened in 1784 with a new name: Columbia

-The Columbia school of law was founded in 1858

-The oral-history movement in the United States was launched at Columbia in 1948

-Now located in Broadway, Manhattan

College Fight Song

1. Mother, stay'd on rock eternal,

Crown'd and set upon a height,

Glorified by Light supernal

In thy radiance we see light,

Torch thy children's lamps to kindle,

Beacon-star to cheer and guide,

Stand, Columbia! Alma Mater

Through the storms of Time abide!

Stand, Columbia! Alma Mater

Through the storms of Time abide!

2. Honor, love, and veneration

Crown forevermore thy brow!

Many a grateful generation

Hail thee as we hail thee now!

Till the lordly Hudson seaward

Cease to roll his heaving tide,

Stand, Columbia! Alma Mater

Through the storms of Time abide!

Stand, Columbia! Alma Mater

Through the storms of Time abide!

Admission Requirements

-SAT Critical Reading: 690/780

-SAT Math: 700/790

-SAT Writing: 690/780

-ACT Composite: 31/34

-ACT English: 32/35

-ACT Math: 29/35

-ACT Writing: 8/10

Percentage of Applicants Admitted: 7%

40s on 40

On the last 40 days before graduation seniors drink 40oz of mal liquor on the steps of

Low Library to celebrate their upcoming graduation. Administrators thought that would put a bad reputation and tried to get rid of it 2005. In 2008, the whole tradition changed. Now at 12:00 pm only those seniors whose names were on a list (many underclassmen had joined, when possible, in wishing the seniors farewell) were allowed into a section of the steps. Students are given wristbands to limit the amount of light beer to one 12oz cup per hour in keeping with the oft-bemoaned regulations on alcohol events. The university catering service provided bud lite and sandwiches (vegetarian option included) and at 12:05 hundreds of students were observed waiting in lines to purchase tee shirts commemorating the event.

-There is about 500 clubs to choose and organizations from

-31 varsity teams

-Four dozen sport clubs

-Several dozen community service organizations

-Performing arts community

-A very involved student body

-Religious groups

-Environmental groups

Costs and Tuition

Degree Plan

151.00 Law Enforcement with Internship
CJ 3300 Juvenile Justice
CJ 3323 Mid-Level Management in Criminal Justice Agencies
CJ 3329 Forensic Evidence
CJ 3346 Research in Criminal Justice
CJ 4301 Internship I
CJ 4302 Internship II
CJ 4310 Special Problems in the Criminal Justice System
CJ 4332 Advanced Criminal Justice Management
CJ 4340 Crime Theory and Victimization
CJ 4350 Contemporary Legal Issues in Law Enforcement

151.10 Law Enforcement (non-Internship)
CJ 3300 Juvenile Justice
CJ 3323 Mid-Level Management in Criminal Justice Agencies
CJ 3329 Forensic Evidence
CJ 3346 Research in Criminal Justice
CJ 4310 Special Problems in the Criminal Justice System
CJ 4332 Advanced Criminal Justice Management
CJ 4340 Crime Theory and Victimization
CJ 4350 Contemporary Legal Issues in Law Enforcement
CJ 4365 Comparative Criminal Justice
CJ Advanced elective (3 hours)In addition to completing the courses in a specific degree plan, criminal justice students must satisfy the related course requirements. These courses include:

CS 1308 or CIS 1323 or equivalent, Statistics: CJ 3347, MATH 2328 or SOCI 3307 (required for sociology minors)

Electives (16 hours)***

Advanced Electives or minor (12 hours)***

6-8 hours of foreign language is required if two years were not completed in high school.

-Minor in English

-Minor in Communications

Career Description

A criminal attorney's job is to defend the cased that is brought to them. They are the representation of their defendant and this requires drastic hours of their lives. There are court hearings, jail visits, conferences. To be more specific in this particular field of law, it is their duty to win a case of those who may be accused of murder, kidnap, rape, theft, etc. I consider this to be one of the toughest fields of law because it requires you to be cold hearted and not care whether your client in guilty or not.

The average criminal lawyer makes about $78,500 but it can rage from $45,000 to $13,000.

Job Requirements

This job requires a high school diploma and four years of basics with a minor in the field. It is recommended to have a minor in English or History/Social Studies because that is what you will use in this career. After four years you apply to law school where you will study for three more years earing a bachelor's or a master's in criminal justice that requires two foreign languages unless you have already taken them in high school. In law school the courses demand various types of courses to graduate. Once you have graduated, you must pass a test for whatever state you would like to work in. Depending on whether you pass that exam or not dicates the rest of your career.

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation in favor of Vanessa Pacheco for a position on The University of Texas in Austin campus. I believe that Vanessa is a hardworking student with many principles that make her fit for your college. She has an amazing form of structure and eagerness to learn with a good discipline that will get her very far in one of your programs.

One of Ms. Pacheco’s many merits is the ability to understand and break down the tasks given to her. She will put her best effort to complete any academic complications that are thrown her way. She does a wonderful job of also helping the community while keeping up with her school assignments. Vanessa has been able to maintain an outstanding academic performance that has definitely made her strive for a brighter future that she will soon be launching.

I am so surely convinced that Ms. Pacheco will positively impact the program that she decides to pursue if she is to be accepted at your campus. If you would like to sidcuss more about Ms. Pacheco, you may contact me at or via phone: (619) 356-9471


Janeth Berkley

Psychology Department Chair


Arrowsmith High School

San Diego, California 92093




Paola Danahe Arellano

13772 San Diego, California, 92093

Phone: (619) 265-9877



As a lawyer, my goal is to win my clients cases and seek justice. Whether the client is innocent or guilty is out of the question, ultimately, that is not my job. My job requires me to accommodate my client's needs in order to succeed and win a case.


Intern and Secretary, Jesse Herrera Law Firm, El Paso, TX

June 2014-September 2015

  • Organized files and helped clean the office
  • Set up appointments and meetings for the lawyer
  • Answered the lawyer's telephone

Volunteer Teacher Assistant, Mayland High School, El Paso, TX

August 2015-May 2017

  • Help kids with public speaking
  • Helped teacher organize

Debate Coach, Mayland High School, El Paso, TX

August 2017-May 2018

  • Arranged debates for the team
  • Helped improve their skills
  • gave them guidance to win debates and gain confidence

Certifications May 2026

Certification of Professional Achievement in Human Rights

-Focuses on economics, gender and legal issues

Certification in Criminal Justice

-Focuses on crime such as terrorism, juvenile justice, drug policies etc.


High School Diploma, June 2018

-Graduated top ten percent from Pebble Hills High School

College Masters Diploma, May 2026

-Masters in criminal justice


  • Trilingual- Spanish, English, French
  • Great public speaker
  • Organized
  • Works great in teams
  • Leadership skills

Persuasive Essay

    “No goal was ever met without a little sweat.” -Unknown. This quote means a lot for it demonstrates determination and hints the amount of work that is required for success. I am well aware that millions of students around the nation apply for a position on your campus and it is an honor to be among them. I would strongly suggest that you consider me to attend your University for the following semester in order for me to improve my skills and further my education with the many courses and curriculums that your campus offers considering that I have the capability and hunger to strive for my future.

      I have been determined, ever since I was a little girl, to study at one of the best universities in the country and now that I am of age, I chose Columbia University to be my first choice. When I was younger my parents would ask what I wanted to be and my answer was always different. "A professional dancer," I would say but I was not being realistic. When I reached middle school I realized my facility to speak in front of an audience and prove my point. My debate teacher would constantly say that even when I was wrong, I found a way to make it seem like I was right. I began to think about a career in law and what that could mean for me.

      Personally, I believe I make a great fit for your university because I do not back down from a challenge. I find competition to be extremely necessary considering the world we live in. Every step you take to get closer to your goal, there will be one more person you have to beat. My father has taught me that in life, there will always be obstacles but it is up to you to step over them and continue to be the best in what you do. He would always ask me, "What do you go to school for?" And my response every single day would be, "To learn,". I do not ask for this opportunity to have fun and get the title or the name, I ask for it because it is what I truly see myself accomplishing in my life.

     To be concised, I am willing to fully commit to this field of study and enroll as a full time student at your campus of you allow me to do so. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity and promise to use nothing but my best effort until the day I graduate.

Cover Letter

Jesse Herrera

Jesse Herrera Law Firm

1550 Hawkins Blvd. Ste. 13

El Paso, Texas 79925

May 18, 2026

Dear Raul,

I am applying for a position at your law firm as part of your team in response to our prior meeting at the Jesse Herrera Law Firm.

As I had mentioned then, I am currently studying at Columbia University where I plan to major in criminal justice. My career has not launched yet, but it would be a great opportunity for me to win some experience before it is. This job would help me grow and develop as a lawyer and assist my understanding of the field first hand. I am not clueless as to what is required because I have worked as an intern in a law firm before, but I am now seeking to expand my knowledge.

I have truly heard great things about your law firm and what it has accomplished for our community. I believe it would be a fulfilling accomplishment to be working in your office with the great opportunities that it will open for my career in the future. I enjoy challenging myself and proving that I can do the task that is given to me. I have a strong sense of determination and eagerness to achieve a goal.

Throughout middle school and high school I was given the chance of being in a speech and debate class where I was able to learn a lot of skills. My public speaking became drastically stronger and my comprehension of what it meant to be in a courtroom grew. This is when I realized what I wanted to do with my life and decided to pursue a career in law. With the many debates and realistic cases that were brought to me, I was filled with enthusiasm and avidity to beat the my opponent.

I believe I am the best choice for this job internship because I am willing to put in all of the ours and make the corrections needed. I will not take my duties lightly considering the circumstances of confidentiality in this work facility and use nothing but the best of my abilities to be successful.

Thank you for your consideration and time. I will look forward to hearing back from you and am truly grateful for this opportunity.


Paola Arellano

32561 Casa Noir Rd.


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