Je Suis Charlie
Day 2

Here are some more articles with opinions regarding the Paris Attacks, the public's response and the unity march from this Sunday. Choose two of the following questions to answer. Your answer will be in the form of five sentences per question. Send me your response via Google doc. You may also ask any questions below by commenting in the comment stream with your name and question.

'We vomit' on Charlie's sudden friends

I Am Not Charlie Hebdo

Huge Crowds, World Leaders Gather for Paris Unity March

One student's epic tweets calls out the biggest hypocrites marching for free speech in Paris

New security measures in Paris in wake of Paris Attacks

1. Should President Obama have gone to the march? Why or why not?

2. What is something the United States has similar to Charlie Hebdo? (TV or magazine)

3. How will the public's response affect Charlie Hebdo in the future?

4. Is Charlie Hebdo a symbol of free speech? Why or why not? What is your definition of free speech? What is the difference between hate speech and satire?

5. What measures should be taken to protect public places? Do you agree with how France is currently increasing security?

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3 years ago

This is a great example showing how someone brainstorms an idea and follows through with action in the classroom. Connecting content with students is something all educators try to do, but the people that actually do it WELL are the models educators should strive to be.

3 years ago

Merci Jason!