You Have to Become a Contender Before You're Called a Champion.

By: Blake Arnold

  1. Alfred Brooks, the main character, won 2 fights, had one draw, and lost once in his fights.
  2. Alfred's aunt wanted to be in a stage show when she was 17, but her mom wouldn't sign for her because she said they were sinful.
  3. Mr. Donatelli made Alfred retire from boxing because he didn't have the "killer instinct."
  4. Alfred's boss at the grocery store used to be a good boxer named "Lightning Lou Epp."
  5. Alfred decided to go back to high school at night so he could graduate.

The Contender will leave you wanting to hear more. It's a great story about how kid going nowhere beats peer pressure and works hard to get something. It's inspiring and teaches you that no matter where you come from there's hope for you to make it somewhere. This book is not only a great read but also a motivator for anyone wanting to be somebody when they grow up. It's great for all ages as it teaches you that first you have to put in the work, and the school time, if you really want to succeed.

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