The Koryo Dynasty

The Koryo Dynasty was located in what is now modern day Korea (North and South). It was a monarchy government with its capital being at Gaegyong, then being moved to Gangwha, then back to Gaegyong.

The Koryo continued to adopt many cultural ideas from the Japanese, but they had their differences. For example, civil service tests could only be taken by nobles and other government positions were inherited. Because of this, Korean society was divided between the rich nobles and the rest of the people.

The Koryo also made greenish blueish glaze patterns on their pottery called celadon. This closely rivaled the work of the Song Dynasty with Porcelain. Not only did they adapt art from the Chinese, but printing too. The Koryo took similar methods of printing by carving about 80,000 wooden blocks and print Buddhist writings.

The Koryo Dynasty eventually fell when the Mongols took over Korea and forced rulers to pay very heavy taxes and enslaved many of the Koreans.