Who Killed Thaddeus Petersmcht?

By Forrest C. and Jonathan A.

Thaddeus Peterschmt's mansion.


Thaddeus Petersmcht was in his home on a Saturday when he was shot and killed. He laid on his grand red carpet next to a Spiral Staircase. There was a 0.45 caliber bullet in his brain and it match a Colt M1911. The police arrived and they walked in on the butler crying. "Why! WHY! WHY!!" "What happened?", the police asked. "I do not know! But when I heard the news I rushed over as fast as I could." When the detectives arrived they were shocked. "How would they get through the high tech security?", said Jenny. "Probably because he left the gate open and told the security guard to go on a break."

The Detectives

Gage Thompson - Tall, Muscular, Ex-Marine, 57 Years old, was awarded with a medal of honor in the military,from Macon, Georgia, and has solved many cases in RIPD.

Jenny Roberts - Short, she looks like the Wendy's Girl, from New York, and is a rookie detective.

Suspect One :Diane Simmons

Description - Has two kids, news reporter, red hair, very loud voice, 5' 9", good social life, blue eyes, never injured/sick.

Motive - She was late for reporting the news with no excuse.

Alibi - She was at the Black Pearl seafood restaurant.

Suspect Two : Sedrick Stillman

Description - The butler of Thaddeus Peterschmt, grey hair, 61 years old, 5'5", Mom is in the hospital.

Motive - He hated his job and was payed lower than he desired. He was in the home when the police arrived.

Alibi - He was caring for his mother, who was on life support, in the hospital.

Suspect Three :Brad Lancaster

Description - Smart, redneck, hillbilly, brown/grey scraggly beard and hair, 52 years old, mannerly, owns many weapons, and doesn't own a single thing with electricity.

Motive - Thaddeus Peterschmt sued him for hunting on his property and owns an m1911 pistol.

Alibi - He was out hunting with some friends on his plantation and doesn't even watch tv or own a phone.

Robert B. Mann

Desription - Black hair, Thaddeus Peterschmt's lawyer, short, nerdy, a graduate from Yale University.

Motive - Thaddeus said he could not be his lawyer for one case. And gets paid lower than he desires.

Alibi - He was in the courtroom with his client when the crime happened.