Thurgood  Marshall

Thurgood Marshall was born in Baltimore, Maryland  July 2, 1908

Marshall was a good man he was a legacy he had a chance to show people what he can do. The way Thurgood got into law was his family they argue mostly every day. Thurgood is also brilliant he memorized the whole entire U.S constitution which was punishment for the teachers. His life was defeat in racial activity but he didn't give he was a reject in Maryland for law, so he went to another school in Washington. Thurgood had his fist hand experience in law. It determined his future in law and the arguments he had with the supreme court he became a justice. He started arguing for African Americans time to time again. All he wanted was equality for all of us and that's what he did. He may not be like Martin Luther King or like Malcom X ,but he is with us every day.

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