University of European Studies

The University of European Studies provides a state of the art learning environment for students with interests in the studies of the history of Europe. The school will be located in England. The tuition per year for the school would be 9990.31 British Pound Sterling, which is equivalent to $15,000.  Students would start their days at the University at about the age of 18. They could be any gender or nationality. We will provide any of four languages of choice for the students. The four languages are Polish, German, French, and Spanish. Even though Spain is not in Europe, it is still an important language to learn. Students would be graded based on how they are doing with their language choice, there would be no report cards. The teachers would know that the students are learning, because they would have weekly oral tests. The teacher would ask the students to translate a sentence into the language they are learning.The students would have their own dorms that they share with 1 or 2 other people. Every morning, the students would have the opportunity to get breakfast in the dining hall. Classes would start at 9am in the morning and end at about 3, these hours include a break and lunch.

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