How Easy Is Tackk?

You've come to the right place to find out!

First snag.  When I tried to access tackk from Explorer, I got a dismal grey screen and in the tab, a message that "IE not supported."  So much for easy access.

Second snag.  I search both 500px and Giphy for a picture to put above for "student", but both gave me the message, "Dang, looks like we can't find that right now.  Try something else or try again later."  I tried child, school, and dog, too, with the same (non) results.

  1. Oh, well.  Let's try something else.  We'll change fonts!  Actually, we won't. "Selected font is currently unavailable."  
  2. Success!  When you highlight something, a mini-menu pops up.  Bold, highlight, bullets, and numbering work!  

Now I'm going to try to add something by clicking the plus.

The pictures still don't work. Neither do maps.  (They do have a clever "we need a map to find the maps" message, but it's getting less and less funny.)

It would let me add more text here.

And a headline here.

I tried to insert that HYSTERICAL video of Phillies fans reacting to Dan Uggla's grand slam, but alas, "video content is not available."

OK, I give up.  Now, let's see if I can save and send this.  :)

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