Bill Cosby
By: Sabriyah Abdullah

Bill Cosby's Timeline:

Bill was born on July 12, 1937 in Germantown, Pennsylvania. On January 24, 1956, cosby had dropped out of high school. He had lots of jobs before he got in the U.S. Navy, then becomes physical therapist.


January 1, 1959 Bill passes his high school equivalency examination. Shortly after, in January 1, 1961 Bill enrolls into Temple University. Bill leaves Temple University begins his career as a stand up comedy!

On January 1 1966, Bill wins his very first Emmy award. A year later he serves for the first time as a guest host on "The Tonight Show"; wins first Grammy Award (for I Started Out as a Child); debuts in "I Spy" AND becomes the first African American to star in a dramatic television series. This is a reason why Bill is a  very important person.

In the 1970s Cosby receives a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts; debuts in "Cos."

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