Use this planning guide to help generate your energy literacy project...

How to make this template your own:

  • Edit the text under each heading to add your team's plans and thoughts
  • Add photos, videos, links and other media
  • Change the font and colour scheme

* don't forget to share the link to your tackk on your "Stream" so your followers can see your project plan!


What do you want to achieve with your project? Get SMART!

Your Team

Who are the members of your team? Include a photo if possible!


What will you accomplish next week? Next month? Before the end of the school year?

Here are some dates to help keep your team on track:

  • April 10 - Planning completed on tackk
  • Mid-April or ASAP - Any approvals required for project acquired
  • May 1 - Provide encouragement & feedback to at least 3 other Generate 2015 teams on tackk
  • May 29 - Project completion & tackk updated to reflect what you've achieved
  • June 5 - Sharing your story (local news, blog, YouTube clip, award, etc.) & reflected in tackk


How will it continue to inspire beyond this school year?

How will you keep the momentum going?


What resources and skills do you need to succeed?

(materials, tools, information, etc...)


Who do you need to support your project?

School - administration, staff, students, clubs

Community - local business, media, etc.


How are you going to fund your project?

Some of the available grants can be seen below...


What other factors need to be considered?


As a generate ambassador, you will bring your experience to hundreds, maybe thousands of other students. How are you going to show leadership in your school?

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