3M Company

Some products they make are hockey gear tape, post-it-note, scotch magic tape and many more.

The 3M company average pay can be up to $85,134.

5 businessmen founded 3M in Two harbors, Minnesota in 1902. It opened in 1916.

Dr.Danley Budd, Henry Bryan, Hermon Cable, John Dwan, and William Mcgonagle are the ones that found it.

3M was started in 1916 in Two Harbors, MN.

It was started because they originally plan to do a mining venture, but they fail. It failed because it had anorthosite.

The headquarters are located in Maplewood, Minnesota in the United States.

About 88,000 people work for 3M in the world.


- Post-Its-Notes were invented by accident.

- 3M developed the first refastenable diaper (nappy) tapes in 1985.

- 3M was the first company to use office voicemail.

3M impacted the world by being the leading provider of materials around the world. It help the world become a better place with all of these new inventions. Almost all our stuff is made from the 3M company or somewhere else. They keep on making new things for the world.

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