Sonia Delaunay

Famous painter inspired by other work

Did you know that Sonia Delaunay's original name was Sofia lLinitcha Terk

She was born November 14, 1885, in Gradizhsk, Ukraine, Russian Empire

She died, December 5, 1979, in Paris, France

Delaunay grew up in St. Petersburg, She studied drawing in Karlsrube,Germany, and in 1905 moved to Paris, where she was influenced by the post- Impressionists and the Fauvists.

She married the artist Robert Delaunay in 1910, by which time she was painting in the style known as Orphism, Sonia Delaunay was a ground breaking female artist who made some wonderful abstracts. Her paintings are known for their Rhythm and Color. She extended Orphist principals to the design of fabrics, pottery decoration, stage sets, and other applied arts. Among her most important important works were her Orphist Illustrations for a poem by Blaise Cendrars entitled La Prosedu Transsiberlin et de la pettite Jehanne de France. She was also inspired by her family's painting and drawings including her husbands work too. She had a couple of animal paintings that no one noticed. The people thought the paintings of animals were people because of how the paintings were drawn!

Cubism is a form of art used by famous painters and drawers! It is used with different kinds of shapes and different kinds of sizes! Did you know that Cubism helps painters and drawers find out what there next painting or drawing will be about or even what they are going to do in the work that they did!

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