The Appalachian Mountains

Are you an active person who is always on the look for new adventures? Well search no more because you just found it. That's right the Appalachian mountains should be next on your list of places to go. There are so many things to do at The Appalachian Mountains, somewhere that would be  great to visit with your family. The Appalachian Mountains is the place you want to be!

There are so many amazing activities you could do at the Appalachian Mountains. If your the type of person who is always looking for something to do , the Appalachian Mountains are going to keep you busy for a while.You could go on their bike trails,you could go wand try white water rafting ,hiking,camping and  so much more.

Did you know?

The Atlantic Martimes are apart of the Appalachian Mountains region and are located in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec`s Gaspe Peninsula and Prince Edward Island. The climate in the Atlantic Martimes is affected by the Atlantic ocean giving it long cold winters and short warm summers.However in other parts of the Appalachian Mountains  there are large bodies of water, the name of the bodies of water is the Gulf Stream and the Labrador. The gulf stream brings in warm water from the north of the Caribbean and the coast of North America and the Labrador brings in cold water from south of the Artic.

-the atlantic Martimes rocks and minerals are a mix of igneous and sedmentary  rock

-minerals mined  in New Brunswich are copper, zinc, lead and silver.


About 300 million years ago the continents collide to form the super continent of Pangea.The collision caused the eastern part of North America to crumple  up and form the appalachian mountains.Glaciers took over and developed new forms of land by taking loose rocks and gravel between Canada till northeastern Pennsylvania.

-the structure is sheets of rock on top of another that continues on for miles

Soil and Vegetation

In the river valleys and at lower height , the vegetation has a southern mix with sugar maple, white pine and eastern hemlock form a rich mixed wood forest. however ,red oak, red pine and white pine covers dryer sites. Wet sites contain red maple, black ash and eastern white cedar.some parts of the Appalachian mountain contain a kind  of soil that  is known as Ultisol.Ultisol is reddish-yellow acid soil with a clay-rich B horizon (subsoil), occurring in warm, humid climates..

If you admire beauty and adventure this is the place to be!

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