Big Business

Allison Isbell, Mickey Schneider, Catherine McCrea


After the Civil War, large corporations developed. The new corporations could consolidate business and produce goods more efficiently. Stores started using advertising and mail order catalogs to get more customers.


1. What factors led to the rise of big business in the United States?

A. Entrepreneurship

B. Consolidation of Industry

C. Investment Banking

D. Rise of Immigration

E. All of the above

2. What was Andrew Carnegie known for?

A. Carnegie Hall

B. Steel

C. Oil

D. Shoelaces

3. What was John D. Rockefeller known for?

A. Oil

B. Steel

C. Ice Skating

D. A Rock Band

4. What is a monopoly?

A. When someone gets hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place

B. When a single company achieves control of an entire market

C. When someone gets a lot of money

D. Shoelaces

5. What is vertical integration?

A. When tall people get married

B. Skittles

C. When a company owns all of the different businesses on which it depends for its operation.

D. When two buildings are owned by different businessmen and one is bought by the other, forcing one company to integrate with the other and they become one.

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