Trumann, Arkansas

Learning Community Assessment
Collection Development, Dr. Rickman, Fall 2013

Trumann is a small town located about 15 miles south of Jonesboro. According to the 2010 census, it is estimated that 7,000 people live in the town of Trumann. Ninety percent of the population is white. Forty-Seven percent are male and fifty-three percent are female. Trumann, a community once thriving on the saw mill industry, began to depend upon agriculture and industries such as factories. However, in recent years, several of the town's factories have greatly decreased their employment and some have completely shut down. Trumann Public School now employs more people than any other industry within the city. In a town populated with approximately 7,000, only around 4,500 of them over the age of twenty-five reported any schooling. A mere one percent holds a graduate or professional degree, while that holding a bachelor's degree is only slightly higher with almost three percent.

Trumann Public Schools have several campuses including: Wee Cat Academy, Cedar Park Elementary, Trumann Intermediate School, and Trumann High School. Our Student body consists of approximately eighty-six percent white, nine percent African American, and four percent Hispanic. The district as a whole, maintains approximately 1,600 students. Cedar Park Elementary currently has 691 students enrolled in kindergarten through fourth grade. Of those 691 students, 570 are white, 67 are African American, 45 are Hispanic, and 9 reported as being two or more races. Due to such a high volume of our students living in low socio economic conditions, our free and reduced lunch program is roughly seventy-five percent of our school population on our campus.

Trumann Public School

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