Speed of the Car
(Graph #7)

Story for Graph #7:

It was a Monday morning after a day of  stressful college work. I had to stay up all night until 12:00 to finish my math project about graphs (cough, cough). I looked dreamily at my clock, it was 7:45. I snapped awake, "No! Im going to be late!". I could not miss today or I would fail my classes. I ran out of my bed, dressed up quickly and ran strait to my car. Luckily the road to the college was strait.

(Car speed is the graph)

For another of my assignments I had to describe the miles per hour of my car during seconds on a graph.I drove faster and faster. I started from zero miles and zero seconds. I increased speed at a constant rate, adding 2mph per 1 second. I drove at that constant rate until I saw the university. I started to slow down because in universities there are a lot of cops and nosey students. After 40 seconds of madness and a top speed of 160mph I started to slow down at a constant rate, decreasing 2mph per 1 second. It took me 60 seconds 40mph I stopped slowing down and remained at 40mph since that was the speed limit. I traveled for 80 seconds until I reached the college. Unlikely, my breaks didn't work and I had to jump out and the car kept driving down the long, strait road. When I jumped out is when my trip ended. It took 180 seconds for me to drive to the college so luckily I made it on time. But what about my car...

The End (or is it!)

P.S. The graph is just for MY trip in the car until I reached there. Since the car drove off without me after I jumped out so I am not in the car so it doesn't take place on MY trip IN the car. The car does not stop after 180 seconds, just MY trip ends. I did not stop.

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