By Kaitlyn

Introduction h
Volleyball came out in 1995.The person that invented volleyball was William G. Morgan. There will be calling the ball, the things that you need to pass,set, and spike.Volleyball is 100 years old. There are 800 million worldwide that are playing volleyball once a week.

Calling the ball

What does calling the ball mean? Call the ball means you are telling the team that you have the ball and they don't have to get it.The things that you can say are got or mine and much more. you need to call the ball so you and your teammates don'r bump into each other.

Passing is one of the most important skill in volleyball. When you pass you hit the ball with your four arm. If you don't its ok but the ball may not go where you wan't it to.When you pass don’t just stand there and let the ball drop right in front of you,so you have to move your feet. When you are about to pass don’t jump up you have to stay low and keep your legs bent.keep your arms shoulder width apart.
Setting is One thing that you do want to do is hit it with your fingertips or your fingers.One thing you don’t want to do is hit it with the palm of your hands.Try to set it over or to the middle of the court so its easier for your team to pass or spike it over.Setting is one thing that is hard because if you hit the ball a certain way you can hurt your fingers.If you don’t know how your couches recommend you setting.When you first learn how to set you want to put your fingers in a triangle.If you do that you can learn how to set a lot faster.If you like to practice at home an easy way to practice setting is setting it against a wall.

The different you can serve overhand and underhand
Serving is one of the hardest things in volleyball because you have to make sure that it doesn't go too far behind you or in front of you.Let the ball drop about to 2 inches in front of you.Don’t have your toss to high or too low. When you hit the ball you can’t hit the ball with your fist. Your first couple of times serving your hands hurt but you will get used to it. What you just read was called overhand serving. There is one more way to serve and its called underhand. When you underhand serve you are setting on your hand and moving your arm back and forth. You don’t toss it up you leave it in the palm of your hand you. Thats all that serving is. It may seem hard buts its not.
About volleyball  
Volleyball is really hard at first. If its your first time playing you might not don’t know how pass and serve. When its your first time playing your couches don’t worry about teaching you how to set and spike. There are different levels in volleyball. There is beginners,semi competitive, and competitive.When you get to semi competitive you learn how to set and spike. As you get better and better at setting,passing and serving,volleyball is a piece of cake. There is indoor or beach volleyball.You can only can have 6 players on the court. There is a one setter one serve and 5 passer. When your server is done serving then become a passer. The things that you need to play volleyball is a net a ball and a knee pads.
Volleyball is an easy and simple sport. Volleyball was invented by William G. Morgan. If you learn sports really fast then you will be really good at volleyball. Volleyball is 100 years old. Volleyball came out February 9th 1995. I hope you have learned at least one thing about volleyball.


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