Lava Brick Facility
By Caleb Chaisson

Business Description

Venus is a wonderful place to start a business. I sell lava bricks at Lava Brick Facility. I sell them in many colors. They are used for building materials to build stairs and walls for inside houses. I built L.B.F. on Venus because Venus is filled with lava so I decided to make bricks out of lava. You cool the lava so it is hard. All in all, Venus is a wonderful and unique place to build a business.


Price Page

Colors                                                                                                                                                       1 black brick-$15                                                                                                                                     1 white brick-$25  

 1 yellow brick-$18


  1 Triangle-$17

 1 Square-$10


 3 Inches Thick-$8

 1 Inch Thick-$5

Persuasive letter

                                                                                                     505 Lava Stream Drive

                                                                                                       Venus, Solar System

                                                                                                         Jan. 27, 2015

Dear Customer,

      Lava Brick Facility has great building materials. Order lava bricks on eBay for as low as $5 per brick. There are 5,000 bricks in 1 pack. You can build roofs, stairs, and  walls. Bricks come in 3 inches to 1 inch thick. You can even get bricks in 3 different colors. All in all, I think L.B.F. has great building materials.