my tinkercadd

by Monique mckenzie

This is my tinkercadd of a bunny iPhone case this was quite hard to make because i couldn't get the ears and the eyes to lye flat but then i realized that i need to put it on workplane then i moved them actually on the iPhone case.

This is my tinkercadd from a different angle and it looks different because you are looking at it from the side sort of view i didn't actually make the iPhone case i copied it off of someone else but i designed the bunny face on the top and i took off the design that the other person had made.

This is my tinkercadd and it is on a different angle its a birds eye view and you can see the details better i decided to make it a bright oink because i didn't like the colour of the light pink i thought that it was to dull pink so i went for the bright pink instead.

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