WANTED- Eastern Mud Snail

The Eastern mud snail also known as Ilyanassa obsoleta, has a plain, dark black shell that is 1.5-3 cm high, with 5-6 spirals and a blunt, conical spire.

The first time the snails were discovered in the United States they were found in Snake River in Idaho. Now the snails have spread out of control throughout the western United States. The snails have created habitats in rivers in 10 western states and three national parks such as  Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.

The New Zealand mud sail eats dead plants and bacteria also aglea, which is why it's such a big deal in the united states. The snails are messing up the food chain because, they are out beating all the other animals to food and rapidly producing. The mud snail has produced more in the united state, there aren't any predators in america and they can easily adapt to our weather changes, making survival easy for them.

Cool facts

The Mud snail can survive several days out of water

The Mud snails reproduce sexually and little things like clothing, pets, fishing gear can allow them to produce rapidly

Mud snail populations usually reach 28,000 snail per square foot of their habitat

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