By:Isaac Lozano

Bulldog puppy.


Bulldogs are a very unique breed and have a very unique history, like being in a sport called bull baiting. There is more information about this sport in this piece.These particular dogs have a very interesting history and characteristics.Bulldogs were introduced to America in the 17th century.Owning a bulldog takes a lot of knowledge and responsibility to keeping it with you today.Bulldogs need lots of care because of their health issues so here is some information about all these topics.

Bulldog History

Bulldogs have a very interesting history. They were used for a (sport) called Bull Baiting. This was where the bulldog would grab on to the bull and hang on as long as they could. The bulldog was meant for this sport because there noses were flat on there face so they could breath easily, just think of Voldemort (the bad guy) from Harry Potter. They were very heavy back then and still are today. They were also used to gather livestock. This was after bull baiting was outlawed. No one had a purpose for the English Bulldog anymore so they used it for something else. Since bulldogs are pretty dominant they were used to get the animals back where they belong. These were how the people back then used the English Bulldog and some even still use them for gathering livestock today.


English Bulldogs today are very sensitive. Bulldogs need lots of care like a special diet. Bulldogs stomachs aren't as strong as other dogs so they can’t even have grain in their diet so it’s good to get them food labeled sensitive stomach. Bulldogs are short haired so they shed easily. They also need grooming because of their short hair. They also tend to need bathed every once and a while. Since the English Bulldog has a lot of fat they need exercise. Bulldogs are not very active so they need exercise so they stay healthy. Bulldogs should get a walk about 2 times a week so they stay healthy. Imagine that your Bulldog doesn’t get a lot of exercise, they would never be active or social because they’re not burning calories. Bulldogs live to be about 10 years.

Health Issues

The English Bulldogs are one of the most common dogs with a lot of health issues. They usually have a hard time breathing. This is because there noses are so closed together and there air waves are different so it’s hard to breathe. Another health issue is in between their flabs on there face, it can get really dirty in there because their tongues can reach in there so when they lick it gets scum in there. The Bulldogs can’t stand extreme heat or extreme cold. This is because there body can’t take the heat/cold or they will die. Bulldogs hips can be very deformed. This is because the way they are shaped that when they’re born they can have deformed hips. Another way they’re hips can be deformed is if you do something like pick them up the wrong way, then their hips can pop out of place and stay like that. Bulldogs just have these health issues because of different reasons. Some of these reasons were mentioned in this paragraph but there are other reasons that weren’t talked about.

Owning A Bulldog

Owning a bulldog is rewarding sometimes. There are pros and cons to owning a bulldog and here are some of them. They are loyal ,which is a pro because you can know they will be beside you when you need them. A con is they are short lived. This is a con because usually you want a dog that will be with you for a long time but this dog doesn’t because of its health. Another pro is that they are very on guard. So they’re kind of like watch dogs because they will bark until whatever is there will go away. Another con is their stubborn. This is a con because they like to not follow directions and tend to bark at things that they don’t need to. The pros can be rewarding sometimes for safety of something so thats good if you are too old to defend yourself. The cons are not rewarding but usually really annoying but there is a solution and that is to train your Bulldog to not do those things when they’re young so they will do it when there older.


The English Bulldog is a very unique breed and has some interesting history. Bulldogs need lots of care because of their health issues. Owning a bulldog is something you really need to take responsibility for so they are alive and healthy. Take this information incase you need to use it when you might get a bulldog. Also don’t be afraid to do some more research on your own to learn more about bulldogs. Don’t be afraid to get a bulldog but remember, that you have care for them, before they will care for you.

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