Florence Joyner

By: Jonae Thompson

Florence Joyner was a determined Olympic Gold Medalist in the running category. She had taken top spot in the 400 meter run. She transferred to the University of California Los Angeles , and quickly got a reputation of a track star. She was also coached by Bob Kersee, and named " Female athlete of the Year". Then set a World Record for the fastest woman alive.

      Joyner had won three gold medals, which showed that she was talented. By her going to another University to focus more on her track career, showed that she was determined. Also winning three gold medals, showed that she was capable of reaching new goals for her career. She had set World record. Joyner had also grown 6 inch fingernails, and that showed that she was eager for growing them so long. When she was named " Female Athlete of the Year", that showed that she was confident.

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