My name is Tate Masanz, I' m at 15 year old boy who's in 9th grade at St.Paul Central High school. I have 4 siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Both of my brothers are older while I have one older sister and one younger. Some of my favorite hobbies are sports which includes Baseball, Hockey, and even if im not good at it Basketball. I play Hockey and Baseball both at High school level. My biggest role model in my life is this NHL player named Marian Gaborik. He was the first player the wild ever drafted and he was very very good. He thought me to never give up no matter what situation you're put in, he was playing on a team that was very bad for a couple of years but he always went out and gave it his all, and thats all you can ask of someone. My favorite food might be either pizza or a good Hamburger. I dont really have a favorite song or type of songs because it really depends on my moods. I love to be in my bed and watch TV all night.

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