My Legacy

of who I am

1. When ever I am working with someone or by myself, if a crazy idea pops into my head or someone else's, I suddenly find myself doing a quick brainstorm changing the sudden weird idea into a smart and reasonable idea to fit the needs of the situation at hand in school. When I'm in a good mood I become crazy energetic which makes me think faster and prepare for whatever period I am in very quickly and get excited to start anything my teachers throw at me. Being creative almost everyday, I find myself making the best out of any situation that I am faced with, even though them with my head held high, and carry on to whatever challenge I have to face next. The image I present to society is to show that no matter what problem's you may face you should always be yourself and be unique.

2. If I had an alter-ego, one of my many part's of my personality would be that no matter who or what it is I don't care about it no matter what I just look away and ignore, it's different from who I am because I am caring, and will always be willing to lend a hand. Another part of my alter-ego, is that I would barely have a single thought in my mind and never pay attention to anything, the difference is that I always have a thought in mind, either on the subject at school or on other thing's that help me in school. If I were to think of another part of my alter-ego it would be that if anyone were to come near me to try and be my friend I would automatically turn into a bully making them go away or end up going to the passroom. The difference is that I would accept any help I can get and at least try to be friend's with some people that are nice enough

3. I think people see me as someone who is always on and off task, a brainstormer, weird, and super random, but I don't really want to be seen like that. I would like people to see me as someone who never gives up when given a task, who has enough energy to last all day, a caring heart, and an iron will to help stay on task when brainstorming work for school, plus a cheery side which brightens everyone's day. The legacy that I'm leaving at Allan Drive, is that I am showing many people that no matter the situation or time that something is happening, you should be unique and be yourself proudly.

4. My legacy is to be yourself and be unique, one of the three ways I show it is by posting random things I've drawn on instagram, and be proud when ever someone likes my pictures, and end up continuing with more drawings. The second of the three ways I show my legacy is by playing an online game called league of legends, it is a place where I can let my inner warrior loose and be myself when I play a match with other people. the last way I show my legacy is on facebook were I can chat with random friends from school, some relatives from Italy, and some relatives that are in Canada, it's a place where I be myself more than at school.

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