Huey P. Long

1893- 1935

5 Facts about Huey P. Long.....

He began his life as a salesman, this gave him experience for the future in politics. He was a radical populist, governor, and U.S. Senator. He was also a presidential candidate. When the sales jobs weren't working anymore; therefore, he put himself through law schools at University of Oklahoma and Tulane University.

Where Huey P. Long lived..

Huey P. Long lived in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

Assassination/ Assassin Information

On September 8,1935 Huey P. Long was assassinated, he was at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge. A man named Dr. Carl Weiss shot in in the abdomen; therefore, Long's bodyguards shot Weiss and he died instantly, Huey died two days later.

How did this effect History:

His death made headlines around the world and nearly 200,000 people mourned his death.

Name of Assassin: Dr. Carl Weiss.

Fate of the Assassin: He was killed the day he shot Huey and died instantly.

Facts about Dr. Carl Weiss:

He was a American Physician in Baton Rouge. He worked in tuo infirmary in New Orleans and an American hospital in France. Weiss was known as the best ear, nose, and throat doctor. He married Yvonne Pavy daughter of judge Benjamin Pavy.  He heard about a rumor about his wife and he became furious and went to pay Huey a visit.

Was the assassin alone in the plot, or was there a conspiracy?

He killed him because of how and what he was doing by threatening the judges if they continue to oppose him his family had "Coffee blood."  

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