"A Common Passion or Interest will, in Most Case, be Felt by a Majority of the Whole."

Summary and Significance

In the past, the majority was not offered the same rights as the minority. The inequality led to uprisings (such as Shays' Rebellion, etc.); wealth and property was always fought for because that gave one's ability to have those rights. There was a huge need for a central government and (and proposed by the majority) representation from a pure democracy. Madison wanted the elite and not the poor factions to control the government; of which a republic not a democracy.

I chose this picture because it depicts the development of a more recent faction that started in this country, the NAACP. This picture shows a scene from civil rights movement of the 1960s, when African-Americans were treated unfairly. Relating back to the poor, 18th century factions (such as the farmers), all the groups put in a lot of work and wanted to be a part of the country they call(ed) home. The song tells all about the work of the African-American community's ancestors (the slaves) and the fact that now they can't get a loan because of the color of their skin. Factions are made of people with similar interest and views, the black community came together and fought for their equal rights, just as much as the farmers did in the 1700s.

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