Did you know that Chile is the worlds largest producer and exporter of copper? Chile obtains much of its foreign capital from the sale of this mineral. Chile's economy is very dependent on world copper prices because a slight change could cause millions of dollars lost or gained. The economy average annual GDP growth was  8% during 1991–1997. It continues to grow still today.

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Government and politics

Chile use to be apart of Spain until 1818, when they became independent and they held and maintained as a relatively calm political state. As wealthy landowners, Colonial politics dominated in concert with clergy and nearly retained complete control of society. Although the government of Marxist Salvador Allende instituted socialist policies that led to rapid economic decline, in 1917. Then in 1918, the man that ruled with an iron fist, Augusto Pinochet, gave up power when democratic elections were held.

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General Information

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Cultural Sites and Landmarks

Truth be told, Chile has many different, fascinating facts!  Chile has a population of 17,216,945 (2013 estimate). That's not even half of America's population! The currency of Chile is the Chilean peso. Also the language of Chile is Spanish. One really cool fact is  Chile is the longest (north-south) country in the world, stretching 4,200 kilometers (2,609 miles). Isn't Chile so interesting?

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The capitol of Chile is Santiago. Did you know that Santiago is often considered the cultural hub of the country? The capitol of Chile is very famous for things like its bohemian nightlife, traditional neighborhoods and historical downtown. Also, Easter Island is located about 2,200 miles west of Chile in the Pacific Ocean; It is most famous for the hundreds of large stone carvings of human torsos that are found on the island.

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