The Black Death


The Black Death started in 1331 and people don`t still know if it has really stopped and the deaths are between 75 to  200 million and The Black Death killed livestock and humans of any kind half of the population fell in the 14th Century and the plague started in central asia and ended so slowly that people could not stand it so they left the places where it was at and they went off to find a new place to live and other people stayed because they did not want to leave or they had nowhere to go or they just wanted to die.

The Black Death was tragic to many people ,everyone who had the plague died and the people who moved or hid survived and The Black started because of the fleas and rats from the ship and the fleas get the bacteria from the rats and then go on the people in the town and they pass the plague on until people who move to a Diffren`t place have it and that person spreads it to another town until it passes on more and more people died when it is passed on to one and another.

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