Audio Broadcasting

Because why not ;-;

Session one - Seven

Session one was basically teaching the basics. It taught you some what about radios and how the sound works. It teaches how the tools and programs work. Also in session one, you get to record your first commercial (not so fun ;-;).

Session two - 4 was about experimenting with the two programs you got to use and other stuff that i forgot. (I did this at last minute. Right after i forgot every thing i did at Audio Broadcasting.)

Session 5 - 7 was making commercials, news stories, and in and out music. After finishing with writing all of these, you got to record yourself. Finally in session seven you got to edit all of your recordings. Which means making your voice high pitch or low >:D, editing out unwanted awkward silence, and copying and pasting all of your recordings onto one music document thing. Then you finally get to burn them onto a CD and then BOOM. Your done. ._.

Then if you ever get to get the CD back, you get to laugh at yourself because you might sound funny. .___.

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