X-ray Telescope
Wesley Copeland
X-ray Waves

This is an artist's concept of a X-ray telescope. The x-ray was invented in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, it was also an accident. He was experimenting with cathode tubes coated in black paper,beginning with a long fluorescent light bulb, evacuating the tube of air and then filling it with a special gas. Then he passed a high voltage shot of electricity through the tube and through a screen a couple feet from the tube he saw an invisible light or as we now it today as an x-ray.  Also, it was not known at the time how much radiation that is how it got it name, for the "X" amount of radiation the device gave off. Another use for the x-ray along with a telescope and the medical use is treatment in cancers like leukemia and bursitis. The x-ray can damage the cells and even destroy them.  

This type of telescope uses a technique called grazing incidence to focus on far off comic objects. To capture an x-ray you would have to use this technique, it consists of positioning the telescopes mirrors near but not parallel to the incoming rays, the telescope then reflects these rays to a far off cosmic object that can be recorded.

Diagram of an x-ray telescope.

The x-ray takes up only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Three nm to 0.03 nm.

Something Extra

Fun Facts about the Nasa Nustar Telescope

  • It is a transformer, it move along a 33 foot rail to focus in on an image.
  • It will be launched by an airplane, a plane will carry it to 40,000 feet then it will drop it. And after a few seconds of free fall it will boost into outer space.
  • It will be the most powerful telescope ever.

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