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Interview with Moses Rubangangeyo

Reporter: Welcome to NBC news today we have M.Rubangangeyo in our studio an ex child soldier. Since ever, many criminal in underdeveloped country such has Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, etc.… recruited children for armed conflict around the globe. An estimated of 300 000 children are presently used has war instrument like porters, spies or soldiers. Wars leaved children destructive effects on them. We can now welcome Moses Rubangangeyo an ex Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) soldiers.


Reporter: So M.Rubangangeyo can you talked a little about your experience?

M.Rubangangeyo: It all started in 1996, when I was 15 years old. I was at school when 29 armed LRA soldiers attacked our school and tied every child who were insides and then took us to the central. The brought two children in front of us, one of them was my brother and they killed them with an AK-47. They told us this will happened if we don’t accept to be in the army. I accept and during the next 9 years I was a soldier for this rebel paramilitary group who operates in Northen Uganda. (Crying)

Reporter: This should be really rough for you to talk about this but who are normally target by the LRA?

M.Rubangangeyo: Usually the target children between 7 and 9 years old. Boys under 9 are being in good cared but when they passed 9, they are no longer good soldier so they are in first row wich I was in. Girls under 16 years old are also used as soldiers but after that they are given to men as sex slaves.

Reporter: Do you have something to say to the world to raise awareness about the 300 000 child soldiers?

M.Rubangangeyo: I’d like to invite everybody to give money to the organizations who provides protection, health care and emotional support to children.

Reporter: Thanks a lot and I promise it’s the first thing I will do when I will get back home.

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