Theme in a Bottle

Theme- Sara Hickenbottom

Essential Questions-What is theme? What message was the author trying to tell us?

Objective- Students will demonstrate their ability to hear a story and find what the author is trying to communicate.

Mini Lesson- I would start off class by reviewing what the definition of theme is with the class. After the students were reminded of what it is I would read them a story. Any short story would work for this lesson. After finishing the story I would ask students to go back to their desks and take a piece of scrap paper and write what they think the theme is. I would remind them that a theme is like a message that the author wants to convey with the readers, almost like a secret message. Then the students could roll them up like a secret message and put them in empty water bottles, to make a message in a bottle. From here students could share them with partners or with me.

Materials- Scraps of paper, empty mini water bottles, book.


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