African American History

Mr. Thomas's 6th grade Social Studies Class

Do you know this famous educator? (Hint: It is not Mr. Thomas.)  Image from:

Who is making a difference?

It is not just adults who are making a difference. Read this article about a 13 year old girl.


Your assignment!

Step 1: You will first choose a role. You will be working in a group of 4.

             Roles:  Artist, Historian, Reporter, Technology/Reference

             Artist--You are the person in charge of visuals for this assignment.  You          choose the images, designs, and presentation.  You need at least 3 images.  Be sure to give credit if you borrow an image (site your work).  Be creative!

            Historian--You are the researcher. Find out about this person. What have they done to make a difference?  Why should we remember them?  Why are you interested in this person?  What do you want others to know about this person?  Answer these questions and add at least 3 other details about this person.  Be creative!  Cite your sources.

             Reporter--You are the person who helps decide how to present this information.  Will you design a Prezi or PowerPoint presentation?  Do you want to make a poster?  Do you want to make a video, skit, or song?  Use technology.  Get creative! Be original.

            Technology/Reference--You are the resource guru.  Your task is to make sure all references are included in your presentation.  Decide how to present your information. Suggestion use, a chart, a graphic, or a technology tool.  Help with the presentation if your group is using technology.  Ask for assistance if you need ideas or help.  

Next steps

As a group, you are choosing a person to research.  You must find images of this person.  They may be dead or alive, male or female, young or old.  Use the links below to help you decide, but decide quickly so you can use your time wisely.

Ideas: Who is the first African American NASCAR driver?  Who is the first African American senator? educator? artist? musician? poet? Nobel Peace Prize winner? chef? millionaire?



Learn something worth sharing!

Possible web tools:


Word Art