A Cellular Farm
By: Karsen McCune, Briana Byrd

The cell membrane is like a guard dog because it controls what enters and exits the cell/farm.

The cytoplasm is the filling within the cell, it is like air on the farm.

The farmer's wife is like the nucleus, she's almost the brain of the system. But the nucleus holds the DNA

The crops are like the mitochondria, they both create energy.

the ER is like the tractor it packages the stuff.

The ribosomes build proteins, and the cow is full of proteins.

The golgi apparatus packages the goods just like the farm workers package the farm goods.

The lysosomes holds enzymes that were created in the cell. The pens hold the animals.

Fertilizer is like chloroplast because it produces the food.

Pigs are like peroxisomes because they break down the waste he way pigs break down all the food they are given.

Fences are like a cell wall because they protect and support the farm like how the cell wall protects and supports the plant.

The silo is like the vacuoles because they both store water and nutrients.

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