New England Colonies Region

If you enjoy great summers to be outside not to hot not to cold during summer you could come here to the New England Regions but the down side is the cold winter and shorter growing seasons but your house has one big fire place that goes through the whole house to stay warm.

The Great Colonies to live in Maine,Vermont,New Hampshire,Massachusetts,Connecticut,Rhode Island.They are all great to live in.

My Catchy Saying For my Region

First Picture

These are the Major Exports

Look at the trees the cold fresh water the mountain the senary is way you should live here.

The soil is not that good but the native Americans said if you use a dead fish that is like formalizer to help it grow.


  1. New England Food - Lobster, Seafood, Maple Syrup ... Discover New England. Lobster harvested all along the coast, oysters and clams; fish and game; cranberries, apples and blueberries; maple syrup.So if you like sea food you will fit in great and you have deer and other animals and punk-ins so you have a lot of great food.

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