Final Entertainment Project

Movie poster review

This movie poster has many elements used for a good movie poster. For example, the fact that it only has the words: The Grey, makes me and I'm sure a lot of people want to know what is it, what is the grey? Also, I can only see one color variation, the red mark on his face, and his blue eyes. Otherwise the thing that makes it eye popping is that it is a close up of a guy's face with the scar, this makes me wonder how he got the scar, was it from a beast or something else. But I am sure that most people would not want to see this because there is not much here that makes me just want to look at this movie poster. Because if I was just walking into a movie theater this would not be the poster that catches my eye. Also, there is not an object that pops out, there is just a guy who has a cut and wearing a sweater, to some people that is not very interesting.

This movie trailer is funny but does not give a clear understanding of what the plot is or what is going on. It starts out with a bunny in awesome graphics, then somehow the simpsons show up and Homer is getting smashed. To me, I would want to go because by the looks of the trailer this will be entertaining. But some people who do not know who the Simpsons are might not want to go because, from there perspective it could just be some guy getting slammed into a couple of objects. And I think that the people who created this movie were making a joke at how simple this movie will be, and for those people who know the Simpsons already know this, but other people would be confused because they are boasting at what a two d film. Also it was put together horribly, I didn't even understand what the point of the trailer was going for, because they are not really give a sneak peak into the movie, they are just more or less going for getting people to know about the movie.

Three strategies TV marketers should use.

I think that a lot of television marketers that sometimes do not know how to please the viewers. One strategy I think they should keep in mind is, listen to the people, and give them what they want. Because although some marketers have taken the hint to use social media as a place to get ideas, but some seem to be in the middle ages of marketing. The reason they should listen and see what people like and want to see, they can market the show or whatever even better. Because if I do not like how they market the show, I might not want to turn in. Another thing they can do (alongside with people who do the commercials) is get the the people to tune into the show live, because if the viewers tune in live, the marketers get the views, and the commercials people get people to see their commercial, which most of the time if people can they skip over the commercials. I think the biggest problem for marketers is pleasing everyone with there add about the show. Almost everyone has seen an advertisement to "see this show now" but most people do not turn in because they did not have the interest from the add. But if the marketers can get peoples attention, the people might tune in to see what the show is about, which means more views and ratings for the show and the network it is airing on.

Three strategies movie marketers should use.

Movie marketers use many marketing strategies to get people to go and see the movie in theaters. Some are a lot more important than others. One is to interact with the fans and to get fans to know the movie. One way they should do this is through social media sites like twitter and facebook. What they can do on twitter is leak some stuff out like when the movie is coming out and who might be in it. They could even get the fans involved by showing part of the famous actor in the movie and ask the people to try and guess who the main star of the movie is. They can also use facebook to do a free give away of merchandise to get people involved. Another thing they should do is to let people know when the movie is coming out in theaters. One way they could do this is by using youtube. What they would do is have the director or producer talk about the movie a little bit and say when the date is the movie will be released. But the most important strategy is using advertisements on television, radio, and bill boards. The reason this is the most important is because if people do not see or hear about the movie on television or radio, they do not know the movie even exists and they do not got to theaters. They could use social media but some people do not have internet and cannot see that form of the advertisement.

Change is coming in the way TV is delivered.

There is a lot of change coming in how marketers for TV shows are delivering new shows. In the past they always would use either the end of a popular show or the commercial of a popular show to tell people that there is another show on or there is going to be a new show. Now marketers are using social media and other web sites to tell people about new or existing TV shows. The reason they are and have been making this change is because with the DVR people can just skip over commercials so marketers are just losing their money without anyone really seeing the advertisement. If I was a marketer I would be using social media and youtube like crazy. Almost all people from age ten to fifty have new phones in which they can use social media sites like twitter and facebook, and most of those people have their own accounts on those sites. And if I can take advantage of that, I can get a lot of people to see that the show is on at this time.

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