Magic Tree House

Mummies in the Morning


Call to Adventure: Jack's curiosity for learning new things and the urge to explore leads them back in time to ancient Egypt.

Supernatural Aid: Queen Hutepi, a ghost from ancient times who helps them on their journey.

Crossing the Threshold: Jack and Annie say the magic words, "I wish we could go there" and the tree house teleports back in time to ancient Egypt.

Belly of the Whale: Inside the dark and scary tunnels of the pyramid when Jack and Annie are afraid and lost.


Road of Trials: Jack and Annie must maneuver their ways through the mysterious and confusing tunnels, find an ancient scroll for a ghost queen, and escape the pyramid after they hear strange sounds.

Allies: Queen Hetupi, an ancient queen who roams the pyramid as a ghost, and a black cat, who helps Jack and Annie find their way out of the labyrinth of tunnels.

Enemies: The only enemy Jack and Annie face in this story is their own fear.

Temptress, Goddess, and Atonement with Father: None of these are present in this story.

Supreme Ordeal: Jack must find a way to give the ancient scroll to Queen Hutepi while finding his crying sister lost in the tunnels.

The ultimate Boone: Jack brings home more knowledge and understanding of Egyptian funerals, mummies, and pyramids.


Return refusal: At first Jack is so interested in the Egyptian culture that he hesitates before he finally decides that it was too dangerous. Both Jack and Annie then return home.

Magic Flight: The journey home was an easy one. All the kids had to do was say the magic words, "I wish we were home"

Rescue from without: As Jack and Annie are trying to find their way out of the pyramid tunnels, the black cat caught their attention and helped them find their way.

Crossing of the Return Threshold: Jack and Annie return to their present time in their tree house and climb down the ladder back into their safe yard at home.

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