Why Kids Should Have Social Media Accounts

by Joyce Y.

Parents should not ban kids from social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

In 2012, the entire world rode an invisible horse with an original no-name star. Psy, over the course of 24 hours changed from a not-really-popular-in-his-country singer to an internet sensation.

This is one of the cases when social media has transformed lives of people. Social media is a fun way to deliver news and communicate with friends. This is why 13 years olds should be trusted to have social media accounts.

Some complain that kids are exposed to inappropriate materials online. Not only does most social networking sites have age filters that automatically filter out age-innapropriate things, parents can monitor what their kids look at and block things.

Social media is also one of the most effective ways to deliver news. New Yorkers were able to hide and prepare for an earthquake because they received a Tweet about it 30 seconds before they even felt it. People to get instant access to new through tweets, posts, and pictures.

Most importantly, social media’s greatest strength is the very reason it was created. It helps people keep in touch with each other. Whether it’s right down the street or thousands of miles away on the other side of Earth, social media offers people an opportunity to meet new people and connect with friends in instant seconds no matter how far away you are.

Cyberbullying is a very big issue, but can be prevented so much with just minor education about cybersafety. All social networks also offer the option of blocking a person and reporting him or her for spam, which might cause the bully’s account a permanent deactivation. Clearly, the goods weigh out the bad.

Surprisingly, students not only use social media for entertainment purposes but for school uses as well. E-mail, which can take a couple hours to get back to, is not very effective for asking questions about the homework, or help practice for a test. Meanwhile, social media helps kids communicate more efficiently with each other about school as well. Not only that, 50% of the students’ grades went up in a middle school when they put a social media program as part of their curriculum.

If the parents truly trust their kids, they should trust that the kid will be responsible online. Although there are downsides to social media, just like everything else, there are so many more advantages. It’s only dumb, in this booming world of technology, to block our kids off from the very things that they will have to improve when they grow up.

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