Great Icebreakers for Your Next Networking Event

We hope you learned a lot at our last WIB event of the year about networking!  Here is a little review plus some more ideas to remember.  Follow these 8 tips!

1. Give the Person a Compliment

Complimenting someone on a stunning necklace or pair of shoes is a great way to break the ice.

2. Comment on the Food or Ask Them What They are Drinking

We all know there is one interest that everyone has in common-food and drinks!  If your target person is drinking or eating, ask them what kind it is or how delicious (or bad) the food is-just don't talk with your mouth full (obvi) we are ladies!

3. Ask He or She Who They Work For

Even if you know the answer, ask about it!  If you have connections to their company, be sure to mention them.

4. Comment on their Name

If they are wearing a name tag, this is super easy.  Call them by name and Introduce yourself and make your conversation memorable.

5. Talk About the Weather or Temperature of the Room

It sounds generic, but it is normal to talk about the weather, and people talk about it a lot.  It is a great way to come up with some other topic of conversation as well.  For example: "I am originally from Cleveland, so I am used to this ind of weather.  Where are you from?" or "As much as the snow is a bother, my friends and I actually got to take a great skiing trip last weekend!"

6. Bring Up a Big News Event, Especially if t has to do with their line of Work

This works in two ways: It shows that you are up-to-date on current events, and it gets the conversation going.  Make sure that you update yourself on important current event topics before going to a networking conference.

7. Talk About Their Family

If they are married with children, they will love nothing more than to talk about their family and kids, or even their dog!  They will remember you for asking and taking genuine interest in this.

8. Be Honest

Who doesn't love refreshing honesty?  Talk about why you are there and what you are looking for.  Be yourself and don't be nervous-just be real!