The Secret Zoo

            I am currently reading The Secret Zoo. In this book right now Noah was staying after hours at the zoo. Noah had been staying late for a while because of what it said in Megan's diary. Nothing was happening and then Noah got so annoyed that he just had to he just had to SCREAM!!!!!!  A security guard heard him screaming about Megan. the man said I've got a code Megan and screaming at him. Tank the security guard has just warned Noah that some security guards are not on his side. to wait by his mailbox at 12:00 pm.He goes to the mailbox and this big animal has given Noah the key to the zoo. It will open any lock in the whole place. Meanwhile Ella couldn't sleep thinking about what Tank was going to give Noah. She got up got dressed and went out. She first went to get Richie and then they went strait to the zoo but Noah doesn't know their coming. Ella and Richie didn't know how to get into the zoo so she climbed up a tree, and saw they can get up that way. So she told Richie and she jumped and hoped that she wouldn't land in an animals cage habitat home thing. Richie jumped too. For a few seconds they were confused but then they realized that they made it. But then they heard this grunting noise something was getting closer and closer to them. Then they saw it was a.........RHINO!!!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!  The rhino picked her up by its tusk and hung her like a puppet. Richie climbed on its back and then they realized that he was helping them. Not to mention they were covered in mud and guck.

I think that Noah, Ella and Richie will find Megan. Noah is very determined and uses clues from anything he finds that could help. Like he uses every single paper and surroundings that he finds that will make him closer to finding Megan. This book is one of those books that will pull you in and NOT let you go.

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3 years ago

This is a good summary, J. It could even be a little shorter and still be complete. If you feel like writing what a character is saying, then it probably means you are adding too much detail. What did you think about the way the author wrote about the rhino cage? I felt like he was keeping us in suspense FOREVER! He kept giving clues about what the animal would be, but none of them were clear enough until he finally revealed that it was a rhino! What do you think about Noah and Richie and Ella so far? You forgot to add your opinion of the characters or events this time. Do you think the key is actually a trap for the kids or do you think someone is really trying to help them find Megan?