9/11 Conspiracy

Everyone knows what 9/11 is because of the terrible things that happened that day. Many people were killed in the two twin towers and the people that were in the planes that hit the twin towers. What people are really curious about is who did it and why they did it. People think that the government had something to do with it and not Al Qaeda or terrorists. People are beginning to believe that the government did this because the towers collapsed much faster than people expected them too and looked like there was explosives used to make the building collapse faster. Many people think that this happened so that we could get oil from Iraq and the war wasn't about justice just about getting oil.The reason that this has became famous because 2,996 people died that day and so many families were affected by this tragic event and want to figure out the truth about what happened. This was a very tragic day in the history of the U.S. so people are very curious of what really happened.The mystery is sorta like in a neutral position people have their own opinions about it now but it hasn't ever gotten big or on the news about different theories about what happened.There are still people out there researching and trying to find evidence about what really happened.

There are many theories that people believe are true.

  • People on inside knew attacks were gonna happen.
  • At least 4000 Jewish people knew about it and took off work.
  • The Air Defense was supposedly told to stand down.
  • Fake cell phone calls were made from the plane.
  • Search crew found black boxes but have been kept secret.
  • People believe bombs took towers down not planes.
  • People don't believe that the pentagon attack sounds right.
  • People suspect that flight 93 was arranged and set up.
  • People were told that hijackers passports were found after explosions.

There are many other theories out there that people think may have happened but here are just some of them.

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