Agents of Socialization


My family has helped to socialize me in a a lot of ways. They taught me the basics of how to talk, and think logically. My family also introduced me to my Christian faith, and taught me how to be respectful to people. Using Barney, my parents taught me skills such as counting. In addition to all of this, they taught me the importance of having values such as earning good grades and making it a goal to go to college. They also encourage me a lot with everything I do outside of my home, like cheering and dancing. They taught me the value and importance of having a close family, and relationships. I am a very loving and forgiving person, which is something I learned from my mom. I love to be with people and build strong relationships which is definitely a quality that I gained from my family members. My two sisters, Courtney and Sydney, are both older than I am, and they taught me a lot of how to carry myself as an individual. My family socialized me in a huge way and there's no way I would be the person I am without them.


Schooling has been a big part in my socialization. It has taught me the importance of wanting to do well and be successful in school with learning, getting good grades, and life in general. School has taught me the importance of respecting the adults around me, such as teachers and coaches. Also, it has taught me the importance of being able to cooperate with other people and compromise in making decisions in groups. it has also taught me real-world skills such as time management, how to walk in groups in a productive manner, and what and what not to talk about in a public place. Another thing is that I have always wanted to attend college, so school gave me the ambition i needed to get good grades and pursue that dream. Schooling played a large part in who I am today, and how I present myself to the people around me.

Peer Groups

My peer groups have also socialized me in a lot of ways. I have a lot of different groups of people I hang out with. I have my cheer friends, my dance friends, and the people that I socialize with at school. Without the influence of adults, they help me to become more independent and grow as an individual. They also help me to form my own opinions, and give me a place to outlet those opinions. Without my friends, I would not be able to function because they are always there for me when I need them. Also, we have a lot of the same hobbies and interests, so I always have fun with them because we have so much in  common. The show friends is a show that a lot of my friends, and myself enjoy. Also, it is a show where a group of friends really rely on one another.

Mass Media

Mass media has helped to socialize me in many ways, as well. As I was growing up, the media really helped connect me to the world. My generation is really the first one to never not have technology around. As I've grown up I've always been able to watch TV or play on the computer. With that, I've also been exposed to social media sites, which means that I have the chance to see what other people are thinking and doing pretty much at all times. This has socialized me because with all of that technology I can talk to most people anytime that I want to. In addition, magazines, books, the news, and social media sites have all allowed me to really gain an inside look at celebrities, and view them differently than someone without those things. I have gained some role models because of this, such as Savian Glover, an amazing tap dancer. In addition to all of this, the media has also opened my eyes to how people "should" look and act. It has taught me  that if I'm a girl, I'm not attractive unless i"m a size 2. Even though i know that's not true, there are a lot of girls that don't realize that. So, in that way, I guess that's a negative part  of the media that has socialized me.

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