The Missouri Compromise and the Westward Expansion

In  1820 during the Westward Expansion the U.S. Congress decided to make the Missouri Compromise. It was made in an effort to keep the peace in America and solve the growing problem of whether or not to allow slavery. The Missouri Compromise drew an imaginary line across what used to be the Louisiana Territory. This made a boundary between the free and slave states, solving the problem of figuring out if they should or should not have slavery in America. However since America was still expanding when the Missouri Compromise was made, the new territories that were made were not part of the it. Still the Missouri Compromise helped solve a big problem that helped keep the Westward Expansion going.

Missouri Compromise Boundary

The red colored states are slave states, the blue colored are free states.

Westward Expansion

The Westward Expansion was the expansion of America towards the West. It was important because it made more room for settlers in America and made it possible for people to start new lives in potentially better areas. It also helped the economy by starting mines to find precious minerals to sell and help the economy. Yet another thing the Westward Expansion did for us was help map out more of the world. . In total the exploration out towards the west helped America by increasing our knowledge of the world, making new land for people to inhabit and helping the economy by starting new farms, mines and businesses.

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